Frequently Asked Questions

How can I best benefit from using the AbDoer 360?

AbDoer is a success-proven system that’s been reshaping bodies around the world for over 20 years. The 360 version is our best AbDoer ever, offering you additional features and productive routines, called ABDOBICS. Once you establish the goals you’d like to achieve, stay committed, as consistency is the key. Over a short period of time, you’ll be truly impressed at how your body will be changing over the weeks. And to help you stay motivated, please visit our ‘AbDoer 360 Facebook Community’ that’s loaded with articles, tips and videos.

Do I need to exercise for long periods of time every day of the week?

AbDoer is the ideal system for those who lack sufficient time to exercise. Typical gym workouts expend 45-60+ minutes performing a series of exercises in a specified time-consuming sequence. However, AbDoer’s patented design enables you to simultaneously exercise combinations of muscle groups to reduce exercise time while still delivery greater results.

Do I need to be in shape before I start using the AbDoer 360?

Absolutely not! AbDoer was made to get you in shape, and keep you in peak condition. This award-winning technology conforms to all body styles and fitness levels. For those who never exercised before or are coming off a long layoff, or for those who are already in great shape, doesn’t matter –AbDoer is made for you. Simply dedicate yourself to the AbDoer within a short period you’ll realize just how valuable of an investment you made when you decided to become a Doer!

I am not very coordinated. Do I need to learn tricky choreography?

AbDoer is fun to use and surprisingly easy. Its patented design, which includes the Contouring Armbars and Dynamic Fluidity Seat guides and supports you throughout each motion. For beginners, they can perform simple bending or twisting motions, and those who are more coordinated can go-to-town and dancer, skate, or ski all from a comfortable and secure seated position. Over the last 20+ years, all types of people have become Doers. One of the amazing aspects of the AbDoer is that this system was designed for you, as it conforms to all body types and fitness levels.

What are the special aspects of ABDOBICS™?

ABDOBICS™; a nickname for Abdominal Aerobics™, is a unique fat-burning muscle-toning conditioning system that’s exclusively performed on the AbDoer. With the primary focus directed toward complete midsection motions, the abdominals, obliques, and muscles of the lower back; i.e., waistline, are simultaneously targeted for rapid benefits. ABDOBICS includes a series of fun yet challenging combinations of motions that condense overall exercising time while yielding awesome results.